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    Our Position:

    Professional Casual Sports & RPET Fabric

    Our Mission:

    Devote ourselves to the research and development of Casual Sports Fabrics, Strive to combine sports with environmental protection, and make unremitting efforts for the common progress of the society.

    Our Tenet:

    Focus on Casual Sports fabric service, and strive to achieve a win-win situation for customers, enterprises and employees!

    Our Vision:

    To be brand Leader of Leisure sports &RPET fabric in the world

    Core Value:

    innovation, profession, cooperation and Mutual Interests

    CoreValue Notes:

    Innovation in Thinking ,Technology ,Products and Model.

    Profession in Technology,Service,Management and Image

    Cooperation in Technology,Industry, Resource and Team work.

    Mutual Interests in Society,Customers,Enterprise and Staff .

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